Current Specials

Whole House Deep Cleaning... This service includes a complete cleaning of all areas of the house, we clean walls, woodwork, corners... special attention is given to the removal of deep dirt that may have accumulated over several years. Strongly recommended as an initial cleaning before starting scheduled service.

We provide all "family safe" cleaning products, hand scrub all hard surface floors and vacuum all carpets, fabric upholstery and curtains. We disinfect all sinks and fixtures in your baths, kitchens and the exteriors of all appliances. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

2,000 Sq. Ft. Standard Ceiling Height Home Only $229.00

Sparkling Clean Kitchens

Holiday Cooking Kitchen Clean Up... The team tackles your kitchen to clean and disinfect everything! Inside your cupboards and drawers, deep clean and shine appliance exteriors and with your direction, inside the refrigerator and oven. We hand scrub and sanitize floors, counter tops and fixtures (including the lights!).

200 Sq. Ft. Standard Ceiling Height Kitchen Only $99.00